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Hints & Tips

If this is your first visit to Florida you may find these driving hints and tips useful. Please read the following guidelines which are intended to help you and your family have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday.


  • Check before your departure that you are in possession of your full driving licence as well as other documents.
  • You will be asked for your driving licence when you pick up the rental vehicle on your arrival.
  • Carry your UK driving licence with you at all times when using the rental vehicle. (You maybe stopped by a patrol officer)
  • Children 5 and Under must by law travel in a car child seat.
  • You must be over 21 years of age to rent and drive.
  • Making a right hand turn at a red light is permitted unless otherwise posted. You must stop - then proceed with caution only when the way is clear to do so.

CAUTION: If you see a yellow school bus carrying children which stops to drop off children - it will have flashing lights and display a STOP signal at the rear left hand side of the bus - you must stop WHICH EVER DIRECTION YOU ARE TRAVELLING IN. The only exception is if the road is dual carriageway and you are travelling in the opposite direction to the bus.

The Law

  • By law, children age four and under must be in a child's car seat. Always wear your seat belts, whether in the front or rear seats.
  • No drinking and driving. This is closely monitored in Florida and the penalties are very harsh. You are not even allowed to carry alcohol in the car unless it is in the boot.
  • Please keep to the speed limit at all times. Fines are very expensive
  • If it starts to rain, turn on your headlights as well as your wipers, it's the law!
  • If you are involved in an accident you must immediately telephone the police and obtain a police report.
  • Whenever you have your windscreen wipers on, you must use your dipped headlights.


  • On the Freeways, you'll find the major difference is that cars overtake on both sides, and some exits are on the left! There are no service stations on the Freeways but there's usually one near an exit.
  • When it is necessary to leave valuables in your car, lock them out of sight.
  • As you cross over a junction, you may notice a suspended road name sign, this is the name of the road you are crossing, not the road you are on.
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