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Condo or Villa? What's the difference?

We are often asked what are the advantages of renting a condo opposed to a villa or pool home?

Quite honestly there are pro's and con's to either depending on your needs.

When we were looking to purchase our vacation home we had already vsited Florida on a number of occasions, and had a good idea of what we would want in a home from home.We had stayed in pool homes and condo's and we loved them both, but our decision to buy a condo was mainly based on one factor. The social aspect!

We liked the way that staying at a condo meant that you had the opportunity to meet others around the pool, and our daughter has met lot's of other children from around the world, keeping her entertained while we relaxed. We also felt that it was safer not having to worry about little ones around an unattended pool.

There are other factor's. The size of a pool in a villa may seem big when it's described as 24 foot, but thats only twice the length of a medium sized car! Hardly big enough to enjoy yourself and have a swim! Also the cost of pool heat is something travellers don't appreciate. It could be $150 a week extra! And don't think you will be getting a hot tub for that, pool heaters work on a heat exchange mechanism and are usually limited as excessive heat burns off the chemicals used to disinfect the water. At a condo there is no such expense.

Our condo is spacious, for those who know these things it is about 1350 sq ft, that is bigger than most 3 bedroom villas. It is also quiet as the development has a strictly enforced quiet time between 2200 and 0700, anybody breaking this rule can be subject to arrest and prosecution!

Condo's are generally better value as well, especially when you consider we have a tennis court, a volleyball court, 2 pools, 2 hot tubs and a club house with a games room and fitness machines!

Take your time and consider the options, we are always available for a chat and if you consider renting our condo we are sure you won't be disappointed.

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